Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting Down To The Nitty-Gritty

A few months back I started to get rid of things. LOTS of things.
From chotchkies to smaller baby clothes, out the door they went.
It felt good to give some to goodwill, Lupus Foundation, and others to expecting friends.

I feel like its that time again. Although, I don't really have much more to give up.

Of course I have the random gifts from well-meaning friends and family that don't quite fit into our simply-styled home. It's quite hard parting with these things. Not because they mean something to me, but because it came from someone who means a lot to me.

Is that a reason to hold onto something?

And what about the 2 sizes too big post-pregnancy jeans I'm holding onto just in case my weight goes back up? Does storing them in my out of season clothes bin make me subconsciously think it's okay to gain that weight back?

So here I go, digging through my packed boxes and clothes bin tossing whatever means nothing to me.

Join me?

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