Saturday, April 2, 2011

Simple Ways To Remove Clutter From Your Life

When I was just starting to getting rid of the junk Ive been holding on to, I made small, simple steps. Heres a list of ways you can begin your journey to a clutter free life.


.Remove unnecessary icons from your desktop. put them in the appropriate folders for a streamline look.

.Go through your inbox and remove yourself from email lists of daily and weekly sales and specials from various stores. {Click "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email}

.While you're there, remove spam emails from your inbox as well. {Check the box on the email, and click "Report as Spam" up top}

.Empty the "trash" on your desktop. {if you are on a Mac, go to the finder menu on the top, click "Secure Empty Trash" to remove everything permanently}

.Another tip for Mac users, while on Safari, go to the menu, and empty Cache. Also, go to Preferences> Security> Remove cookies. {you can also, change "Accept Cookies" to "only sites I visit"}

Personal Items

.Go though your pictures. Remove blurry shots, photos you cringe at of yourself {who doesn't have these?}, ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends and duplicates. Arrange in chronological order for extra points.

.Delete bad pictures off of your digital camera

.Remove excess pictures, magnets and old cards from refrigerator.

.Throw away any expired medicines and vitamins {check for regulations about disposing antibiotics and medicine}

.Bag up {hehe} plastic shopping bags and bring to local grocery store to recycle them. {most grocery stores around here have a big bin by the entrance/exit for this purpose}

.Go through your cabinets and discard old cans of food, or expired food items.

.Recycle older magazines and newspapers. {cut out favorite articles you would like to keep, and put them in a binder or folder}

There are so many ways you can make your life even just a little more clutter free. Try a few of these and you will see the difference.

Do you have any small steps you make to make your home less cluttered?


  1. this is exactly what we spend all day doing yesterday! it feels soooo good to clear my house/computer/life of junk. thanks for the tips!!

  2. It really does feel good! Its like spring cleaning for the soul, haha. Thanks for reading my blog!