Thursday, April 28, 2011

Purgeday Thursday: Coming to the End

Wow! These Thursday's just sneak right up on me. Thank goodness the child is asleep and I can blast out a post right now.

So I donated a bunch of things this week to the lupus foundation.
Which is great since we are moving within 2 weeks.
They keep pushing off the closing date for the house.
Hopefully "2 weeks" is for real this time.

But anyway. This is probably going to be one of my last "Purgeday Thursday" posts.
I feel I've got no more to give.

We really don't need anything for the new house.
Besides new curtains for the living room, and I just ordered a pretty damask terra cotta rug to replace the icky smelling one we have now.

I'm excited we don't need much.. hopefully friends and family don't go nuts and get a lot.
I DO want one of those awesome ceramic Cimineas for the patio for those chilly summer nights. Also this adorable birdbath from Dayspring.

So, Hopefully the next Purgeday Thursday post will be about packing and moving in a few days.
We'll see!
But for now, were sitting tight, waiting to hear when the big day will be.

Do you have any tips about owning your first home? What you should buy, or not buy?

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