Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Big Move- a long boring post about moving day.

Were moving in 2 days.

I am so excited.. but maybe 2% of me is holding back, just waiting to hear some more bad news.
Buying a house really is so much harder than I thought it would be.
Maybe if I worked for a living it would have been easier.
But I'd never give up my time with Noah in order to get some more income... if we can afford it.

Everything is packed. well, almost everything. Our dishes and clothes aren't. but ill probably just pile my dishes into the front seat of our car, and toss the clothes into a garbage bag, haha.

Thursday morning we're picking up the moving truck and loading it up.. along with Jay's Bronco and the Escape.

Then at 3pm we're meeting with our lawyer and signing all of the paperwork. {enter a high pitched 'eeeeeee!' here}

Then I'll probably drop jay off at the old apartment and we'll head to the new house and drop off whatever we have loaded. Come back and load up again {if needed.. we don't have a lot of stuff} clean up the place, and say buh-bye!

My grandparents and cousins are coming over in the morning and evening {respectively} to help load and unload the trucks, while someone entertains Noah. I'm so happy we have help.. it makes everything so much less stressful!

So, next time I post, we'll be in our very own house! {ahhhhh!}

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach Day!

Yesterday we drove onto a beach out here in the Hamptons. It was a gorgeous secluded spot.

Jay and his cousin surfed while Noah, the dog and me played on a blanket.

It got pretty chilly out so I packed up the truck and loaded up Noah and the dog.
And then cuteness ensued.

Afterwards we got some mexican food and some treats from Tate's bakeshop.. so yummy!
Fun Saturday!
Glad we enjoyed our day outside since the forecast says rain for the next 5 days. {boo!}

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Last night I went a little nuts on Soap.com and bought a bunch of beauty supplies. But nothing that I didn't already need.

•I'm out of face moisturizer, so i bought day and night cream from Yes To Carrots.
•I also bought body lotion, since I have none and my body is crying for some moisture.
•Sticking with Yes To Carrots, I bought the cleansing milk, cause I'm almost out ofOCM oil to wash my face :(. But its so easy and cheap to mix up a new batch, I'm sure I'll be going back to it now and then.
•Last but not least, I got Aveeno Nourish + Shine shampoo and conditioner. I was using dr bronners soap as shampoo and Organix coconut conditioner previously, and I guess I didn't realize just how horrible my hair looked until 2 days ago. So I showered with my sister's awesome shampoo and conditioner and I can almost hear my hair whispering "THAAAAANK YOUUUUU" into my ears.

I didn't spend a lot {$40}, and saved about $19!!

I don't really feeling guilty about these purchases. Maybe the new years resolution is starting to wear off? I hope not...

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Wow. its been a long time since I updated you all about my new years resolution!

Well, lets just say, having the resolution has helped A LOT when it comes to me shopping.
now I have that little guilt, and the thought in the back of my head about not buying anything whenever I'm shopping.

Since my last post I have bought a few things..
-a new top today, it was 40% off, and gorgeous.
-a new rug, cause our old ones were DISGUSTING! {but this is more for the household than me...}
-tinted moisturizer, but I'm out of moisturizer/foundation, so thats good and not against the rules.
-Lipstick and concealer. the lipstick is PERFECT for summer, and I didn't have a great concealer till now..
-I got another top a few weeks ago, which was also on sale, and I've worn it so many times since then.
-Sunglasses, cause I lost mine {i hope to find my other ones though, I LOVED those!}
And i think thats it.

Without my resolution, I can assure you I probably would have bought a lot more things.
but we are buying a house right now... so maybe not.

I'll try to update more often, I've been SO BUSY with everything I need to do to get this house. But hopefully all of the hard work {and stress} will pay off soon enough, and we'll be in our very own house!