Thursday, March 31, 2011

Purge Day Thursday: Standstill

I haven't really purged much this week. I am slowly evaluating and tossing random things into a pile to donate. But, its not very impressive.
I've purged a lot over the past few months, and for my meager 22 years on this planet, and 5 years living on my own, I didn't have much to start off with.

One thing I definitely need to get is one of those CD cases that they had back when everyone listened to CDs. I'd like to find one used at a yard sale or goodwill this spring. We need one for our DVD/Blu-ray/CD/game collection. really badly. Theres a pile of dvds in the storage ottoman, his games are piled on the desk, and there's cds in a box in the closet. I think Jay isn't fond of getting rid of all of the cases they came in, but the way they are stored right now is not cutting it.

Minimalism: Defined

There was an awesome post over at miss minimalist today, go check it out.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I Own

While I don't like adhering to a certain amount of items I allow myself to own, I do like having a small amount of things. When I get a new shirt, it is usually to replace one that no longer fits, or is worn out.
I'm also still working on my new years resolution to not buying anything new. I have 5 candles, and about 4 half used hair conditioners. That's too much for me. So I'm working on using them all up, then I can buy more.

Heres a list of things I own as of today. It is constantly evolving, so I will try to update it every now and then.

2 Jeans- Medium Blue Jegging, Dark Blue Skinny
2 Chinos {gray and navy}
2 Sweatpants- Tan and Pink. {may get rid of these, they always fall down}
2 Pajama Pants- Pink and Grey
1 sports bra
1 house sweater
2 hoodies
2 sweaters
23 tops {cardigans, shirts, layering tops}
1 jacket

Seasonal or non-everyday clothing
1 Snowboarding jacket
1 Snowboarding Pants
1 Snowboarding gloves
1 winter coat
2 bathing suits
1 Workout top
1 Workout pants
1 Bathrobe
3 winter hats
1 gloves

My Things
1 HTC Freestyle cellphone
1 snowboard
1 snowboarding boots
1 Bicycle
1 Longboard
2 Candles
1 blue flower thing
1 marriage pitcher thing
1 colorful cross
1 bible
1 nook ereader {+ accessories- case, nook light}
1 macbook laptop {+ case}
1 canon DSLR camera {+ accessories- camera strap cover, camera bag, zoom lens for surfing pics}
1 jewelry bowl
1 planner
1 gussy clutch
1 madebyhank clutch
1 madebyhank bag
1 O'neill purse {will be donating..}
1 brown purse
1 Large Bin for out of season clothing

Beauty and Toiletries
face oil {+ washcloth}
Yes To Carrots {Cleanser, AM + PM moisturizer, body lotion}
1 face scrub
1 face mask
1 dr bronners soap
Aveeno Nourish + Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
3 nail polishes {plum, pink, silver}
1 flat iron
1 blow dryer
Neti Pot
Make up {mascara, blush, concealer, Aveeno Tinted moisturizer, bare minerals foundation-if needed-}

There is, of course, all of the household items, and the stuff my husband and son own.

As you can see I try to limit what I own but I still have the things I enjoy.
Its nice having less because you then appreciate what you do have, and you no longer feel the need organize your stuff.

Do you think my list is too short? or too long? what do you own that you would list as essential? tell me in the comments

last updated: 5/18/11

The small butterfly
moves as though unburdened by
the world of desire

-Haiku by Kobayashi Issa

Home Farming

I've always wanted to grow my own vegetables.
I read about raised garden beds, and how to make them, and dreamed of one day going outside and picking my own fresh tomatoes and eggplants right from the vine.
In this new house we are currently buying there is a raised garden bed in the backyard. The perfect small, manageable size I've always wanted!
I am so excited to start growing my own vegetables. It's too bad every time I have a house plant, it dies within a few days. Hopefully my brown thumb won't transfer over to my gardening too.
I'll post pictures of my growing, or dying, garden once I get it going.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yesterday was a strange day for me.
I felt the compulsive need to buy something. all. day. long.
so strange.
whether it was makeup, or clothes, or a bathing suit, I couldn't stop.
But I didn't buy anything! AMAZING.
nothing short of a miracle.

I did finally order TOMS shoes. The dog ate my Sanuks, and my feet are so cold in the dressy flats I've been wearing instead. The shoes will be here friday, and I am so excited!

Onto some house hunt news:
we are signing the contract on this house within a few days! :D so excited about that.
I don't know when we are going to close though. I would like to close sometime in april, but I don't know about the seller's plans.
Packing is definitely helping me realize how much I don't need.
I already have 4 small boxes packed, and I don't really need anything in them.
I think I went into one of them for something for my sister once in the past 5 days.
This may be a new "hot spot" for me to de-clutter.

I'll update with pictures and a new list of clothing and items I own soon.
Life has been slowing down a bit recently {THANK GOD!}, so I'll be updating this a bit more often with fun things.

Thanks for reading!


I made this blog because my family feels strongly about having a minimalist lifestyle, but not adhering to the likes of the 100 item rule, or the 333 challenge. We like not having too many things, and enjoy having a clutter free and peaceful home.
I will be posting pictures, and writing about things we do own, showing how you can be minimalists, and not deprive yourself or your children.
Join me in our journey of minimalism.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

purging prior to packing.

I've started packing up some random things around the house {aka: the stuff that i will probably try to get rid of before we actually make the move}.. its got me thinking maybe I have a bit more to get rid of.

I have this shelf wall thing between the kitchen and dining room and its lined with a parade of candles, picture frames, random chotchkies, a bonsai plant, a reed diffuser, and some sand/beach glass from puerto rico. if you ask me, thats too much.

When I feel like I have hit a purging wall, I usually take a break, just live with what I have, then one day, the purging itch usually starts back up again.
Recently its been a huge purge session because were preparing to move, and lord knows how much I hate packing, moving and unpacking.

My sister is living with us for a few months while she saves up some money for her own place. I won't go into detail about it much, but I will say, seeing her live with her necessities, and leave all of her other stuff either at our mom's house, or my father in laws, it really shows what you can live without.
It kind of inspiring me to get rid of more stuff, in a funny round-about way.

I love questioning if what I own is either practical, or personal. It really helps me analyze (as if I'm not analytic enough already) what I own, and get rid of what I don't need/want.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well Hello! So, my resolution definitely helped curb my online shopping, and shopping in general. I'll be honest, I had to buy some black heels for a wedding, get the bridesmaid dress and alter it, and I bought noah some new shoes cause his current ones were too tight.
All of that was pretty much necessary to buy.
But, I also just purchased a necklace (YAY!) from Lisa Leonard, Sooo excited about this.
I havent bought anything else really.
My sister has bought me 4 shirts haha.
She bought me basic black and white shirts, and another thicker, more durable white one.
She also bought me this great tank, with silk flower ruffles on the front. so cute, and goes with everything I own.

So, I'm kinda revamping my wardrobe. Each time she gets me something (thank you so much gabi!) I can get rid of my old tanks, and cami's, and replace them with high quality, longer lasting tops.


We are on our third house now, and hopefully this will be it! It is a perfect 3 bedroom house, with a fenced in yard, big shed, and a patio. its everything we wanted in a house. PLUS! It is only a short walk from baseball fields, a playground and the water. so perfect! and the seller (whom we actually know) is willing to work something out with us so we can get it, and not worry about the mortgage being too tight.
so freaking happy.

so thats everything thats been going on, thought i'd update this cause its been awhile {not including my awkward vlog post, haha, and there will be another posted tomorrow!}

Saturday, March 5, 2011



A few things have been going on lately:
First, We are signing the contract on a house (different tan the other house mentioned previously) in patchogue monday! yay!!
Second, I have a killer sinus infection type thing going on.

This new house were moving into has a bunch of chotchkies (however you spell it) in the garden and yard, that I plan on getting rid of. little lanterns and random things, so annoying. I am looking forward to getting a cute bird bath from Dayspring as a gift to myself :) but I cant take all those little things everywhere.

Because of the sinus infection, and spring quickly approaching I bought a neti pot.
Ive wanted one of these bad boys for a while but was always afraid.

My friend Emma found out shes having a boy, so I gave her and her husband a box of noahs clothes, and a few things like the moby wrap and toy tie. Feels so good to be one box less. I think we had about 6 boxes total so far. Insane. We have 1.5 boxes left right now, saving the bigger clothes for the next mama having a boy.

I gathered up a bunch more stuff for the Lupus Foundation. This is probably the 5th box of stuff I've given to them. And thats not including the 2 huge bags of noahs toys and random things I dropped off in the drop boxes a few months ago.

I'm currently editing out a few shirts in my wardrobe that I havent worn all winter, and bought when I was 35 lbs heavier last winter. and a few more shirts that have just worn out.

Gabi surprised me by getting me a pack of cap sleeved basic tees (I mentioned to her -there i go mentioning things to her again- that i need one or 2 plain nice undershirts to put under a cardigan) from H&M. Im excited to see how they fit.

Since were moving in 2 months or so I'm sure I will be editing out a bunch of stuff so packing and moving wont be as traumatic as last time, haha.

I also got rid of some creams and lotions and hair care products. Giving my deep red lipstick to a friend, and my lemon clarifying shampoo and conditioner to my mom. I also gave a perfume to my sister. I always loved how it smelled, but I dont really like wearing perfume. So now when she comes over and is wearing it, i get to smell it, but not smell it on myself all day! (This added benefit was not my original intent, I knew she liked it and thats all.)

Heres my updated list of clothing items I own:

3 pairs of jeans
2 sweatpants
2 pajama pants
21 tops- 9 shirts, 2 layering shirts, 10 cardigans
2 hoodies
2 coats
2 sweaters
1 house sweater
4 shoes (1 boots, 1 sanuks, 1 flip flops, 1 dressy flat)

want to replace my sanuks with Toms still. And the coats, boots and sweaters are seasonal.

I kinda want to count all of my personal items as well, but I cant promise when i will have the time for that.
and I also dont know how to differentiate my items, and stuff for the house.. like candles, and pictures of my baby and me.