Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Final Push

I've lost over 35 lbs since Noah was born.
At the most, I weighed 172 {when I was 9 months pregnant}.
After I had noah, I waited 2 weeks and weighed myself, I was down to 147.
After months of watching what I ate and breastfeeding, I am now down to 120.

The day Noah was born.. I weighed 172.. not sure what size pants I wore since I just wore stretchy shorts

2 Months later, at 147lbs, Size 8/9 Jeans, Medium Size Shirts

Lost some weight on weight watchers..Size 6 Jeans

halfway there! Size 5 Jeans {im in the middle with Noah}

Almost there! Size 2 Jeans {even though you cant see them ;)} Probably around 127lbs

Today- Size 0 Jeans, XS-Small Shirts

My goal is to get to 115.
I was 115 when I was dating Jay, and I love that weight. I feel good about myself, and the way my body looks at 115.

So now I'm going to challenge myself.
I'm giving myself 2 months to get down to 115.

I know its only 5 pounds, but I want to lose those pounds and stay there.. no more up and down yo-yo weight gain.

I'll share what works for me on here, and hopefully help someone else out there that needs to lose those last few pounds that just wont go away. Someone else who needs the final push.

Friday, July 22, 2011

22 Months & Ready to Wean

Lately I've been feeling like nursing Noah is coming to an end.
He eats real food all day long, and drinks water from his sippy like a pro.
My goal was to at least get to a year, then it changed to 18 months.
And now that we're at 22 Months, I think its time to stop.

I'm tired of having these F-cups, and I'm just plain ol' tired from waking up several times a night to nurse him back to sleep.
I'm kinda sad this big part of our relationship is coming to an end.
Whenever he's hurt, he nurses.
Whenever hes cranky and NOTHING will console him, he nurses.
When its time for a nap, or bed, he nurses and is out within minutes.
What will I do when nursing isn't an option anymore?

This is just another sign of my baby becoming a little boy, and how fast time is flying by.

Any tips on weaning your toddler? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Best Friend

I want to be the smile
I want to see the change
I want to be your friend from the start and once it starts it never ends

I want to be your pal
I want to be around
I want to be a friend when you are down
I want to be the sunshine on your smiling face

I want to be the moon
No, I want to be the ocean
Where all we do is float under the sun on the rolling sea

Whoa, I want to be the sunshine,
No I want to be the moonshine
I want to be the nighttime lullaby when you are so afraid

I think I found a way, a way to break down all the walls
I think I found a way to say hello
I think I found a way
Without saying anything at all

1 2 3 4 Tell Me That You Love Me More

Today we are...
.Relaxing listening to the Adele Station on Pandora.
.Cuddling, looking at the scrapbook I made of Noah's life.
.Recuperating, I messed up my back painting Noah's room.
.Enjoying this wonderful weather.
& being thankful for this sweet angel I spend every moment with.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


No, not the diapers.

Maggie at GussySews asked: "How do you pamper yourself?"

Hmm pamper. pam-per... myself? Haven't done that in oh... 22 months.

Does quickly painting my own nails before noah sees and tries to grab the bottle from me count?
Or running out to get a long overdue (9 months) haircut so my mullet {the hair dresser said it, not me!} can be controlled?

I think it's time Mommy starts to get a bit more Me Time.

Sure, being a Mom comes with a few different hats. I feed the child, change the child, entertain the child, protect the child, console the child, and so on.
But theres times I can sit and watch an episode or two of The Office on Netflix and kinda veg out while he's eating his Strawberry and playing with his "vroom-vrooms".

But to go out and actually Pamper myself? That sounds dreamy. Almost too self-indulgent. It's hard to even imagine what I'd do. Maybe get a pedicure? Grab a coffee with a friend and catch up? Is that what people do?

How do you pamper yourself? Please, let me know. Maybe we can go together sometime. Or are you in the same boat as me, finding it hard to fathom how to pamper one-self?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hi, My name is Jackie, and I'm a landscaper.

Note: Due to unforeseen technical difficulties it seems the pictures aren't working. I will do a vlog tour soon :)

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.
I've been way too busy doing yard work.
But, to be honest, I kind of LOVE IT.

I love going outside while Noah's napping or when Jay's home and get dirty with my Hoe... and Shovel. ;)
I get a nice tan, a workout and visible progress each time I go out. Who wouldn't love that?!

Ive been digging up old bricks that were supposed to line the garden beds, but went about 3 feet too far out and were 2" beneath the grass, and moved them to where they should be.
I weeded the gardens, put down new soil, chopped up some saplings that were choking my About Face rose bush. I also raked out old leaves and twigs from the whole east fence. And helped the hubs cut down some low lying branches on the blackberry tree out front.
Boy, oh boy. No wonder I've been losing some weight while eating Sonic and Ice Cream all too often.

This is the west garden bed, as you ca see in the next picture, the bricks were so far out.

The east garden bed, had to round the border a bit since there are some shallow roots from the bush. I may go back and move the line of bricks out further.

This is the blackberry tree and the birch tree. Jay had to cut so many branches out that were practically laying on the ground. The birch is kind of surrounded by the blackberry tree, but were going to cut down some more branches to let it breathe soon.

My AWESOME teal door, and the brand new mailbox, house number and light fixture. So cute!

And my little curious cutie wondering what Mama is doing outside. :)

I'll take some pictures of the backyard and inside the house soon!