Sunday, February 20, 2011


alright. I told my sister (who works at J.Crew, and also gets 30% off) that if any great quality cardigans go on sale let me know. well. it happened.
but who doesnt love some well made, awesome go-to cardigans??
I got olive, dark blue and medium blue. they were on clearance, plus her 30% off.
ohhhh im bad, i know. but i did make an agreement with jay that I can get some tops with our tax return money.
hmph. i hate feeling guilty about this.
i still need 2-3 more tops, that fit perfectly, and can go with a lot of outfits.. then i'll consider my "wardrobe" complete.
i'd love to have a very minimal wardrobe.. where everything can be mixed and matched and look great on me.

in other news.. were not getting that house i mentioned. it needed a lot of work upfront to even just get a FHA mortgage.. and a lot of the work needed to be done was major stuff.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


nothing bought, stuff returned to stores.
unfortunately got store credit.
but, it will come in handy when needing things for our new home!
yep, we put an offer on a house last week, and finally, yesterday we accepted their counter offer of 210k.
I'm ready to jump up and down and yell happy words but we still have a ways to go before we actually own the house. I'm mostly worried about getting a mortgage. even though we've had apartments before that costed about the same as this house would cost us each month.
packing is on my mind
i hate packing and moving all those boxes and furniture
i hope over the next few months to de-clutter and pare down some more

I finally made my own lotion a few days ago, it went well.. maybe a little too much coconut oil.
i used only half of the ingredients, and used a little of the left over coconut oil to make homemade deodorant for my sister and myself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Ive been doing good with my resolution.
I bought a DIY kit to make lotion, but it was so cheap, and once its all made, I'll be saying bye-bye to all of my lotions (except one, and its jay's favorite)
I have to return those jeans I bought, they were way too light for my taste, and get a darker pair.
I am going to bag up a bunch of tops today and donate them.
Ive been wearing the same 8 tops over the past week or so, trying to see what combinations work, and its helped me narrow down my favorite tops.
I bought some expensive lamb ribs for valentines day dinner last night, and i felt a little guilty doing so, but it is food, and we need to eat, so I'm not beating myself up about it.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Ive been bad.
I bought a pair of jeans, and 2 belts.
bad bad bad.
I dont need the jeans, they were on sale, and i only have 2 pairs
sigh. i feel like i failed.

but, i am purging more shirts and old bras from my clothing
and i am also limiting my clothing choices, ala Project 333 style
then, if i succeed and i find i dont want the other shirts i still own, those will be purged as well.
The belts were a smart buy cause I can wear my long cardigans and flowy tops with more style now
I got a wide waist belt, and a skinny one.
Its crazy how expensive things are.
I spent $85 including shipping and taxes. Crazy.
If the belts arent what I expected you can bet i'll return them and get something cheaper at old navy or f21.

I counted all of my clothing items, not including bras and underwear, and I have less than 45 items.
pretty sweet

3 pairs of jeans
3 sweatpants
2 pajama pants
25 tops
2 hoodies
2 coats
2 sweaters
1 house sweater
4 shoes (1 boots, 1 sanuks, 1 flip flops, 1 dressy flat)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I bought a charger for my LG Neon.. which was like $2.00 so I could switch back to a cheaper phone. we were paying $175 a month for both of our phones and now its down to $130, including taxes. Hopefully jay will get a hang of using mostly WiFi, so we can cut down his data plan too.

I sold a roxy handbag on ebay for $10, so that covers the cost of the charger ;)

I'm getting rid of a lot of beauty stuff, and using the things I havent used in a while, like lotions and cleansers. I made a list of what I want ot be using once everything is used up, and its compromised of mainly 4-5 different products. Pretty good.

Whatttt ellllse...

I havent had any urges really to buy anything.. besides mrs. meyers cleaning products.. which gabi surprised me with the other day.

I have to return a few gifts, and some huge (size 8) jeans I only wore once or twice to Pacsun.. hopefully I can get a nice shirt or 2 with the money.. or ill just save the cash. Pacsun isn't really my style anymore anyway.

I have to get noah some teeshirts for the summer, but I have a $15 gift card to old navy (PERFECT) so I can get 3-4 shirts with that, and be set till his next b-day.

I'd love to get some TOMS shoes from Bunger, since we usually get really great deals there. I'm kinda over my Sanuks. Maybe with the money i get back from the returned gifts, I can buy the TOMS.. good idea huh?