Thursday, March 24, 2011

purging prior to packing.

I've started packing up some random things around the house {aka: the stuff that i will probably try to get rid of before we actually make the move}.. its got me thinking maybe I have a bit more to get rid of.

I have this shelf wall thing between the kitchen and dining room and its lined with a parade of candles, picture frames, random chotchkies, a bonsai plant, a reed diffuser, and some sand/beach glass from puerto rico. if you ask me, thats too much.

When I feel like I have hit a purging wall, I usually take a break, just live with what I have, then one day, the purging itch usually starts back up again.
Recently its been a huge purge session because were preparing to move, and lord knows how much I hate packing, moving and unpacking.

My sister is living with us for a few months while she saves up some money for her own place. I won't go into detail about it much, but I will say, seeing her live with her necessities, and leave all of her other stuff either at our mom's house, or my father in laws, it really shows what you can live without.
It kind of inspiring me to get rid of more stuff, in a funny round-about way.

I love questioning if what I own is either practical, or personal. It really helps me analyze (as if I'm not analytic enough already) what I own, and get rid of what I don't need/want.

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  1. I think starting from scratch can sometimes be surprisingly therapeutic. I'm going from being a pack rat to being a minimalist!