Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Project 333

I'm finally partaking in a new endeavor. Project 333 is where you choose only 33 items from your wardrobe and accessories, and wear only those things for 3 months. Sounds fun right? Its a lesson of making beautiful outfits, and being grateful for what you have. I chose my 33 items, and am excited to start in April. Here is what i am including:

2 pairs of jeans, levi's slight curve skinny, and AE jegging jeans.
1 pair of shorts
1 scarf multicolored
2 pj bottoms, pants and shorts
5 cardigans, purple, grey, light blue, dark blue all long sleeve, and a grey short sleeve.
1 blue button down shirt
3 necklaces, amber, silver long, and multicolored
2 bags, small and large
9 tops
2 cami's, brown and pink
1 outdoor sweater
3 shoes, brown boots, brown toms, brown sandals
1 pair of sunglasses

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Catching up

Well hello there. I havent been here in a while, pretty busy with life. Ive still been donating stuff every other week or so. Not sure where this stuff comes from, but i love tossing it out! Im going to get back into the swing of things by inventorying my stuff. Here we go! 3 Jeans: AE Denim Jeggings, Levi's curve id slight curve skinny jeans, old flare jeans 2 Chinos {gray and navy} 2 Pajama Pants- Pink and Grey 1 lounge yoga pants 2 house sweaters, brown and mauve 1 sweater {blue peace} 25 tops {7 cardigans, 14 shirts, 4 layering tops} 1 jacket 1 light hooded sweater Seasonal or non-everyday clothing 1 Snowboarding jacket 1 Snowboarding Pants 1 Snowboarding gloves 1 winter coat 1 bathing suit 1 Workout top 1 Workout pants 1 Bathrobe 1 winter hat 1 gloves My Things 1 snowboard 1 snowboarding boots 1 Bicycle 1 Longboard 1 blue flower thing 1 marriage pitcher thing 1 colorful cross 1 bible 1 nook ereader {+ accessories- case, nook light} 1 ipad2 {+ case, charger} 1 canon DSLR camera {+ accessories- camera strap cover, camera bag, zoom lens for surfing pics} 1 jewelry bowl 1 planner 1 gussy clutch 1 madebyhank clutch 1 madebyhank bag 1 O'neill purse {will be donating..} 1 brown purse 1 Large Bin for out of season clothing Beauty and Toiletries Yes To Carrots {Cleanser, PM moisturizer} 1 face scrub {st ives} 1 origins day serum 1 origins eye gin-zing cream Aveeno Nourish + Shine Shampoo and Conditioner 5 nail polishes {plum, pink, silver, coral, mauve} 1 flat iron Make up {eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, concealer, Aveeno Tinted moisturizer, bare minerals foundation-if needed-} 5 body spray/perfumes {love spell, freesia, pink, clean, ralph lauren} 1 Toms deodorant **There is, of course, all of the household items, and the stuff my husband and son own.