Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No-Spend for 1 year... can I do it?

Soo Im doing something huge in 2011.
Im going Anti-Retail.
I am a self proclaimed shopoholic.
I can't stop myself.
Its a problem.
So, for the whole year of 2011 I'm going super minimalistic and not buy anything (aside from the essentials I am going to list in a sec)
this is going to be a huge, tough, insane challenge for me. but i know it needs to be done.
I need to be thankful, grateful and just HAPPY with what I already have.

Heres what I can still buy:

1 new bra maximum.. since I'm breastfeeding and my size changes often.
1 Headband from Allora Handmade- thats probably the only one I'll need so I'll stop there.
Coffee and Tea for the Keurig.. but nothing from DD or Starbucks
Deodorant- but, I want to try making the homemade deodorant Ive been eyeing for a while. note: I don't want store bought deodorant anymore. I made my own batch, and I love it.

I cant buy shampoo, conditioner, hair products, makeup, body lotion or perfume.. until I run out of the item completely. (I have multiple mascaras, and conditioners, for example)
No unnecessary toys for my son.. I like to shop for him, but I know its really for me. (I told you its a problem)

So I think thats about it, I will try to stick to these rules for all of 2011. Which will be so hard for me. I just cant look at Ads on facebook, or other blogs, and I'll be good.

I'm also going to be paring down everything I own. I have way too many lotions, and random things like 30 dishes and too many mugs. I'm also going through all of my makeup, whatever I haven't used in a while, or is expired is getting thrown out.

This year, is mainly about going minimal, paring down to necessities and a few quality indulgences.

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