Thursday, May 5, 2011


Wow. its been a long time since I updated you all about my new years resolution!

Well, lets just say, having the resolution has helped A LOT when it comes to me shopping.
now I have that little guilt, and the thought in the back of my head about not buying anything whenever I'm shopping.

Since my last post I have bought a few things..
-a new top today, it was 40% off, and gorgeous.
-a new rug, cause our old ones were DISGUSTING! {but this is more for the household than me...}
-tinted moisturizer, but I'm out of moisturizer/foundation, so thats good and not against the rules.
-Lipstick and concealer. the lipstick is PERFECT for summer, and I didn't have a great concealer till now..
-I got another top a few weeks ago, which was also on sale, and I've worn it so many times since then.
-Sunglasses, cause I lost mine {i hope to find my other ones though, I LOVED those!}
And i think thats it.

Without my resolution, I can assure you I probably would have bought a lot more things.
but we are buying a house right now... so maybe not.

I'll try to update more often, I've been SO BUSY with everything I need to do to get this house. But hopefully all of the hard work {and stress} will pay off soon enough, and we'll be in our very own house!

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