Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Final Push

I've lost over 35 lbs since Noah was born.
At the most, I weighed 172 {when I was 9 months pregnant}.
After I had noah, I waited 2 weeks and weighed myself, I was down to 147.
After months of watching what I ate and breastfeeding, I am now down to 120.

The day Noah was born.. I weighed 172.. not sure what size pants I wore since I just wore stretchy shorts

2 Months later, at 147lbs, Size 8/9 Jeans, Medium Size Shirts

Lost some weight on weight watchers..Size 6 Jeans

halfway there! Size 5 Jeans {im in the middle with Noah}

Almost there! Size 2 Jeans {even though you cant see them ;)} Probably around 127lbs

Today- Size 0 Jeans, XS-Small Shirts

My goal is to get to 115.
I was 115 when I was dating Jay, and I love that weight. I feel good about myself, and the way my body looks at 115.

So now I'm going to challenge myself.
I'm giving myself 2 months to get down to 115.

I know its only 5 pounds, but I want to lose those pounds and stay there.. no more up and down yo-yo weight gain.

I'll share what works for me on here, and hopefully help someone else out there that needs to lose those last few pounds that just wont go away. Someone else who needs the final push.


  1. YOu look amazing! ive been trying so hard to lose the baby weight too from last summer. Ive gotten down to 131 from almost 190...so hard! my goal is 120. how tall are you?

  2. Thanks!! Im 5'6".. the lowest my bmi says i should be is 118.. but i still have some flub on my sides and belly when im at 118... how tall are you?

  3. and wow! 190 to 131.. thats awesome!! good job!

  4. you look amazing! great job.
    i'm actually posting some "what's worked for me" diet tips tomorrow. i hope to see what you have to say soon, too! :)