Friday, July 22, 2011

22 Months & Ready to Wean

Lately I've been feeling like nursing Noah is coming to an end.
He eats real food all day long, and drinks water from his sippy like a pro.
My goal was to at least get to a year, then it changed to 18 months.
And now that we're at 22 Months, I think its time to stop.

I'm tired of having these F-cups, and I'm just plain ol' tired from waking up several times a night to nurse him back to sleep.
I'm kinda sad this big part of our relationship is coming to an end.
Whenever he's hurt, he nurses.
Whenever hes cranky and NOTHING will console him, he nurses.
When its time for a nap, or bed, he nurses and is out within minutes.
What will I do when nursing isn't an option anymore?

This is just another sign of my baby becoming a little boy, and how fast time is flying by.

Any tips on weaning your toddler? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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