Thursday, July 7, 2011


No, not the diapers.

Maggie at GussySews asked: "How do you pamper yourself?"

Hmm pamper. pam-per... myself? Haven't done that in oh... 22 months.

Does quickly painting my own nails before noah sees and tries to grab the bottle from me count?
Or running out to get a long overdue (9 months) haircut so my mullet {the hair dresser said it, not me!} can be controlled?

I think it's time Mommy starts to get a bit more Me Time.

Sure, being a Mom comes with a few different hats. I feed the child, change the child, entertain the child, protect the child, console the child, and so on.
But theres times I can sit and watch an episode or two of The Office on Netflix and kinda veg out while he's eating his Strawberry and playing with his "vroom-vrooms".

But to go out and actually Pamper myself? That sounds dreamy. Almost too self-indulgent. It's hard to even imagine what I'd do. Maybe get a pedicure? Grab a coffee with a friend and catch up? Is that what people do?

How do you pamper yourself? Please, let me know. Maybe we can go together sometime. Or are you in the same boat as me, finding it hard to fathom how to pamper one-self?


  1. There are so many different kinds of pampering. A quick nail polish works, but so does coffee with friends. I run! It's my time to myself and I don't think it's selfish. It makes me a better wife, a better mother and I want my son to grow up knowing that yes, you put others first, but sometimes it's ok to take care of yourself, too.

  2. I know right now you have little time for yourself, but it really is just for a season. My three girls are all grown.. my last one is almost 18 and is a busy young lady which = not home much. I miss those days of business but I do cherish the season I find myself in now....getting lots of catch up time with my hubby. I know at times its hard to enjoy this busy season with your son when you are probably slap worn out at times, but hang in there!! :)

  3. You deserve time to yourself as a Mother. Yes, absolutely being a mother comes with many hats. It's hard to juggle between them but thats why being a mother is a job in its own. You deserve your time off. So, in these times. Relax, go grab that coffee you wanted, go visit a friend for that coffee. Go for a walk with your loved one. Definately get a mani and a pedi. Or even go for a massage. You'll feel relaxed and not so overwhelmed and you'll be even more pleased with yourself after when you come back to your adorable child at the end of the day. Have you been to any dog parks yet? thats something both you and Noah can enjoy :)!