Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I Own

While I don't like adhering to a certain amount of items I allow myself to own, I do like having a small amount of things. When I get a new shirt, it is usually to replace one that no longer fits, or is worn out.
I'm also still working on my new years resolution to not buying anything new. I have 5 candles, and about 4 half used hair conditioners. That's too much for me. So I'm working on using them all up, then I can buy more.

Heres a list of things I own as of today. It is constantly evolving, so I will try to update it every now and then.

2 Jeans- Medium Blue Jegging, Dark Blue Skinny
2 Chinos {gray and navy}
2 Sweatpants- Tan and Pink. {may get rid of these, they always fall down}
2 Pajama Pants- Pink and Grey
1 sports bra
1 house sweater
2 hoodies
2 sweaters
23 tops {cardigans, shirts, layering tops}
1 jacket

Seasonal or non-everyday clothing
1 Snowboarding jacket
1 Snowboarding Pants
1 Snowboarding gloves
1 winter coat
2 bathing suits
1 Workout top
1 Workout pants
1 Bathrobe
3 winter hats
1 gloves

My Things
1 HTC Freestyle cellphone
1 snowboard
1 snowboarding boots
1 Bicycle
1 Longboard
2 Candles
1 blue flower thing
1 marriage pitcher thing
1 colorful cross
1 bible
1 nook ereader {+ accessories- case, nook light}
1 macbook laptop {+ case}
1 canon DSLR camera {+ accessories- camera strap cover, camera bag, zoom lens for surfing pics}
1 jewelry bowl
1 planner
1 gussy clutch
1 madebyhank clutch
1 madebyhank bag
1 O'neill purse {will be donating..}
1 brown purse
1 Large Bin for out of season clothing

Beauty and Toiletries
face oil {+ washcloth}
Yes To Carrots {Cleanser, AM + PM moisturizer, body lotion}
1 face scrub
1 face mask
1 dr bronners soap
Aveeno Nourish + Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
3 nail polishes {plum, pink, silver}
1 flat iron
1 blow dryer
Neti Pot
Make up {mascara, blush, concealer, Aveeno Tinted moisturizer, bare minerals foundation-if needed-}

There is, of course, all of the household items, and the stuff my husband and son own.

As you can see I try to limit what I own but I still have the things I enjoy.
Its nice having less because you then appreciate what you do have, and you no longer feel the need organize your stuff.

Do you think my list is too short? or too long? what do you own that you would list as essential? tell me in the comments

last updated: 5/18/11

The small butterfly
moves as though unburdened by
the world of desire

-Haiku by Kobayashi Issa

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