Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well Hello! So, my resolution definitely helped curb my online shopping, and shopping in general. I'll be honest, I had to buy some black heels for a wedding, get the bridesmaid dress and alter it, and I bought noah some new shoes cause his current ones were too tight.
All of that was pretty much necessary to buy.
But, I also just purchased a necklace (YAY!) from Lisa Leonard, Sooo excited about this.
I havent bought anything else really.
My sister has bought me 4 shirts haha.
She bought me basic black and white shirts, and another thicker, more durable white one.
She also bought me this great tank, with silk flower ruffles on the front. so cute, and goes with everything I own.

So, I'm kinda revamping my wardrobe. Each time she gets me something (thank you so much gabi!) I can get rid of my old tanks, and cami's, and replace them with high quality, longer lasting tops.


We are on our third house now, and hopefully this will be it! It is a perfect 3 bedroom house, with a fenced in yard, big shed, and a patio. its everything we wanted in a house. PLUS! It is only a short walk from baseball fields, a playground and the water. so perfect! and the seller (whom we actually know) is willing to work something out with us so we can get it, and not worry about the mortgage being too tight.
so freaking happy.

so thats everything thats been going on, thought i'd update this cause its been awhile {not including my awkward vlog post, haha, and there will be another posted tomorrow!}

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