Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yesterday was a strange day for me.
I felt the compulsive need to buy something. all. day. long.
so strange.
whether it was makeup, or clothes, or a bathing suit, I couldn't stop.
But I didn't buy anything! AMAZING.
nothing short of a miracle.

I did finally order TOMS shoes. The dog ate my Sanuks, and my feet are so cold in the dressy flats I've been wearing instead. The shoes will be here friday, and I am so excited!

Onto some house hunt news:
we are signing the contract on this house within a few days! :D so excited about that.
I don't know when we are going to close though. I would like to close sometime in april, but I don't know about the seller's plans.
Packing is definitely helping me realize how much I don't need.
I already have 4 small boxes packed, and I don't really need anything in them.
I think I went into one of them for something for my sister once in the past 5 days.
This may be a new "hot spot" for me to de-clutter.

I'll update with pictures and a new list of clothing and items I own soon.
Life has been slowing down a bit recently {THANK GOD!}, so I'll be updating this a bit more often with fun things.

Thanks for reading!

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