Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Big Move- a long boring post about moving day.

Were moving in 2 days.

I am so excited.. but maybe 2% of me is holding back, just waiting to hear some more bad news.
Buying a house really is so much harder than I thought it would be.
Maybe if I worked for a living it would have been easier.
But I'd never give up my time with Noah in order to get some more income... if we can afford it.

Everything is packed. well, almost everything. Our dishes and clothes aren't. but ill probably just pile my dishes into the front seat of our car, and toss the clothes into a garbage bag, haha.

Thursday morning we're picking up the moving truck and loading it up.. along with Jay's Bronco and the Escape.

Then at 3pm we're meeting with our lawyer and signing all of the paperwork. {enter a high pitched 'eeeeeee!' here}

Then I'll probably drop jay off at the old apartment and we'll head to the new house and drop off whatever we have loaded. Come back and load up again {if needed.. we don't have a lot of stuff} clean up the place, and say buh-bye!

My grandparents and cousins are coming over in the morning and evening {respectively} to help load and unload the trucks, while someone entertains Noah. I'm so happy we have help.. it makes everything so much less stressful!

So, next time I post, we'll be in our very own house! {ahhhhh!}


  1. We are coming in the evening time on Thursday, right? We can load stuff in our car too. It's like a truck. XXX N/GG

  2. Colleen and Jeff are coming after 5 to help unload, but whenever you want to come is fine by us. We might have Jay's dad or brother help out if they are available as well. love you!

  3. Jeff and I will be there for sure...I will text you as soon as I get out of work and get home to change. So I know where you are and where we need to go!