Sunday, February 20, 2011


alright. I told my sister (who works at J.Crew, and also gets 30% off) that if any great quality cardigans go on sale let me know. well. it happened.
but who doesnt love some well made, awesome go-to cardigans??
I got olive, dark blue and medium blue. they were on clearance, plus her 30% off.
ohhhh im bad, i know. but i did make an agreement with jay that I can get some tops with our tax return money.
hmph. i hate feeling guilty about this.
i still need 2-3 more tops, that fit perfectly, and can go with a lot of outfits.. then i'll consider my "wardrobe" complete.
i'd love to have a very minimal wardrobe.. where everything can be mixed and matched and look great on me.

in other news.. were not getting that house i mentioned. it needed a lot of work upfront to even just get a FHA mortgage.. and a lot of the work needed to be done was major stuff.

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