Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I bought a charger for my LG Neon.. which was like $2.00 so I could switch back to a cheaper phone. we were paying $175 a month for both of our phones and now its down to $130, including taxes. Hopefully jay will get a hang of using mostly WiFi, so we can cut down his data plan too.

I sold a roxy handbag on ebay for $10, so that covers the cost of the charger ;)

I'm getting rid of a lot of beauty stuff, and using the things I havent used in a while, like lotions and cleansers. I made a list of what I want ot be using once everything is used up, and its compromised of mainly 4-5 different products. Pretty good.

Whatttt ellllse...

I havent had any urges really to buy anything.. besides mrs. meyers cleaning products.. which gabi surprised me with the other day.

I have to return a few gifts, and some huge (size 8) jeans I only wore once or twice to Pacsun.. hopefully I can get a nice shirt or 2 with the money.. or ill just save the cash. Pacsun isn't really my style anymore anyway.

I have to get noah some teeshirts for the summer, but I have a $15 gift card to old navy (PERFECT) so I can get 3-4 shirts with that, and be set till his next b-day.

I'd love to get some TOMS shoes from Bunger, since we usually get really great deals there. I'm kinda over my Sanuks. Maybe with the money i get back from the returned gifts, I can buy the TOMS.. good idea huh?

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