Thursday, June 16, 2011

Purgeday Thursday: Moved in, Renovating and feeling good!

In the past 2 weeks since we moved into our first house we have:
Painted the front door teal
Planted plants in the garden
Replaced mailbox, house number and light fixture
Got a new security system {Vivint}
Painted the bathroom
Replaced storage cabinet and medicine cabinet in bathroom, as well as all of the gold fixtures for nice new brushed nickel ones
Started to paint the dining room.. took a few tries with samples but we found a great color! {Tobacco Leaf by Martha Stewart.. in Valspar}
We also bought a new washer and dryer {Whirlpool Duet}.. love love love them!!!

Today we're having someone from Alternative Earthcare come to look at a funny tree in the backyard.
Some branches need to be taken down. We also need some little trees cut back along the back fence. I hope it won't cost too much money.. I can't imagine cutting 6 branches or so out of a medium sized tree being too much work/money.

We're going to paint Noah's room a nice grey blue color, but that project is on hold till we finish the dining room.

I'm so excited for this house to be exactly the way we want it. It's all little cosmetic changes that will make this place really feel like home.

I haven't really bought more things for the house. We got a new hose holder, hose, 5 nautical themed accessories from Home Goods {my Kryptonite when it comes to not shopping} for on top of the tv stand, the tv console, 2 large paintings, and an american flag for the front of the house.
I'm still purging a bit. I'm getting rid of 2 shopping bags worth of clothes, and some old cellphones that don't work.

One of these days, I promise I'll do a video tour of our home!

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