Saturday, June 18, 2011

The one where I rant about my Mother.

Starting on a happy note: It was GORGEOUS out today!

Jay went surfing super early and got back about an hour after noah and I woke up. We got ready and went out to breakfast with Jay's cousin and wife.
Noah was pointing at the little baby there saying "beyy-bee" and pointing to himself saying "MEH! MEH!" Love it!

After breakfast we stopped at the bank and deposited Jay's check and some cash. When I got back in the car he told me to read my texts from my mom. I could tell by the way he said it that it wasn't good news.

It read "You were out..I left the dogs in your backyard..I had no alternative.. I can't leave them at home.. I don't trust them.. they'll just let them out and leave the gates open and let them run'll probably never forgive me for this..but this I will have to live with.."


She didn't even ask me; or wait till I was home to drop them off.

We got home and there they were. Two little shih tzus sitting in our backyard, panting from the 80* weather we had today.

Does she not know I have a toddler and a full sized I-will-eat-those-dogs-for-a-snack-and-look-for-something-else-thats-not-edible-like charcoal or diapers-to-eat-again dog???
How dare she not ask me if she could leave them here.

Heres a little backstory... Her new husband? A total douche. {sorry nana if youre reading this, but it's true.} and my mom? Total PSYCHO. {also true nana}. put the two of them together and you get a whole messy sticky shitty situation that no one.. not even my mom apparently.. can handle.
So today, my mom decides to leave the Douche. Well thats all fine and dandydoodles until we get hit with the shit from the shit storm she blew up 30 miles away back home.

I can understand if this was a physically abusive relationship and she needed to get the hell out of there pronto. but this isnt that situation. this is my mom needing some time to herself to be miss drama queen and eff up everyone elses weekend.

This past week my sister and her boyfriend watched the dogs for 3 days while mom was supposed to be at a hotel so she could get away from her husband. but instead? she got a facial. microdermabrasion. yay. for. you.
Then when nighttime rolled around, she crawled right back into bed with her husband.

So my question is: Why? Why must we have these dogs in our backyard, in our home fighting with my dog when all she wants to do is have some free time to go get facial and have lunches with friends?

Is it that hard to ask me if its okay to watch them for a day or two? She can't be mature enough to actually ask me?

She won't answer my calls or texts. Or anyone's calls from our family really. Our relationship was just hanging on by a thread. Bitch went and snipped that shit up today all by herself.

UPDATE: One of the dogs just bit Noah's face, right below his eye, completely unprovoked. I called my mom and she actually answered (I did *67.. probably the only reason she answered) and she didn't care noah got bit. and hung up on me.

People, speak up. What do you have to say about this? Do you feel what she did was not bad? Talk to me!


  1. I think she was wrong for dropping them off on her own accord. You are both adults with families and there should be no reason to handle a situation as child like as she did. It's not right to run away from things and drop unexpected burdens on other people's lives without as little as a phone call.

  2. I think your moms a dumb fucking bitch and Ive always hated her shes a fucking tramp and I suggest letting the dogs run free. They're not YOUR responsibility. I do feel your mother deserves a slap to the mouth or 2 or 10. Twice daily. I wouldn't even flinch at the sound of her cry. At least I'm being honest. Someone had to say it. I'm glad you grew up normal under her care.

  3. Your Mother is obviously jealous of your life. Yours is almost that of a storybook while her life, well sucks. She's Envious.

  4. Either take the dogs to the pound or place them in another home. Your son is more important than her drama and issues. You're his protector and advocate. Btw, I have lots of issues with my family as well... not fun. That's why I live on the other side of the world from them.